Preparing for flights and manufacturing in 2018

We believe ACE will become the first electric propulsion system in mass production. ACE is available now, and we plan to deliver units to multiple customers for flights in 2018. ACE is completing a test program based on customer requirements. Here are some of the milestones we've reached along the way.

Performance tests at The Aerospace Corporation

Apollo recently tested ACE in an independent lab at The Aerospace Corporation where thrust, Isp, and efficiency measurements closely matched Apollo’s own lab tests. These results confirmed that ACE has 3x better impulse per kg and 3x better impulse per liter than competing thrusters.

Vibration tests at Quanta Laboratories

Vibration tests were designed to exceed the loads experienced by satellites on 8 popular launch vehicles. With random and sine loads up to 13 G’s, ACE withstood the harsh conditions and passed all tests without damage.

Lifetime tests at Apollo Fusion

Using our four test chambers, the team completed a series of lifetime tests using three different types of propellant over hundreds of hours of operation including hundreds of start/stop cycles. Results indicate reliable performance and an operational lifetime expected to exceed 4,000 hours.

ACE is a strategic investment.

We're confident ACE will enable you to achieve new mission goals which weren't possible before. What can ACE do for your constellation? Reach out to us at and let's talk.