We're exploring fusion energy to power the world.

The plasma technology we've used in ACE is similar to the technology we're exploring for fusion power. We believe this technology can become the foundation for a revolutionary hybrid power plant to serve safe, clean, and affordable electricity to everyone.

Inherently safe

Apollo Fusion hybrid power plants will be designed for zero-consequence outcomes to loss of cooling or loss of control scenarios, and these hybrid power plants cannot melt down.

Inexpensive to build

Apollo Fusion power plants will cost less per megawatt of output and will be available in configurations which are affordable for even the smallest communities.

Inexpensive to run

Thanks to low overall costs, Apollo Fusion power plants will be cost-competitive with other sources of power including fossil fuels, wind, geothermal, and solar.

5-1000 MW

For villages at 5MW to large cities at 1GW, our modular architecture enables us to fit the needs of every community and help each one to grow.

Site flexible

Because they're inherently safe, Apollo Fusion power plants can be nestled in the communities they serve, to make power right where customers need it.

Emission free

Apollo Fusion power plants will be carbon-free and emissions-free, so neighbors will breathe easier, enjoy greater health, and benefit from an improved quality of life.

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