The Apollo Fusion team

Mike Cassidy, CEO and co-founder

Mike was the CEO and co-founder of four successful startups and was previously a Vice President at Google where he led Project Loon, a high-altitude balloon telecommunications product. He has two degrees in Aerospace Engineering from MIT.

Hall Effect Thruster experience

Jorge Delgado, Vice President

Jorge has 15 years of experience in the design, development, and flight of electric propulsion subsystems, and he was previously Principal Engineer at OneWeb and Manager of Electric Propulsion at SSL. Jorge has led several R&D projects of flight hardware including Hall Effect Thrusters and PPU’s.

Mark Hopkins, Vice President

An expert in Hall thruster systems, Mark earned his PhD researching novel Hall thruster propellants under a fellowship from the National Science Foundation. He has 10 years of experience developing space systems from concept to flight hardware production.

Dean Massey, Director of Research

Dean's doctoral research focused on Hall thrusters and novel propellants, and the knowledge he gained allowed him to spend more than a decade leading research teams in the areas of plasma chemistry, materials science, fusion, and oil and gas. He brings his unique perspective to electric propulsion and state of the art facilities design and construction.


The Apollo Fusion team also includes domain experts in aerospace engineering, system engineering, elecrical engineering, software, propulsion engineering, mechanical engineering, and plasma physics. The team has over 100 years worth of Hall thruster experience and is based in Silicon Valley.

100+ Years of Hall Thruster Experience
21 Team members
14 Full time employees
6 Former Googlers
5 PhD's
8 Propulsion labs built or rebuilt
15 Propellants tested
9 Generations of ACE
>1,000 Number of satellites in orbit using hardware designed and built by Apollo Fusion team members


The plasma technology we've used in ACE is similar to the technology we've explored for fusion power. We believe this technology can become the foundation for a revolutionary hybrid power plant to serve safe, clean, and affordable electricity to everyone.